Skiing in Białka Tatrzańska


Białka Tatrzańska (Slovak: Tatranská Biela Voda) is a picturesque village in the administrative district of Gmina Bukowina Tatrzańska, within Tatra County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in southern Poland, close to the border with Slovakia. It lies approximately 6 kilometres (4 miles) north of Bukowina Tatrzańska, 16 km (10 mi) north-east of Zakopane, and 75 km (47 mi) south of the regional capital Kraków.

The village has a population of 2,200. It is one of the most attractive mountain resorts in terms of tourism infrastructure, especially in winter, as the conditions for winter sports are exceptional there. The infrastructure attracts many tourists and has improved the economy of the area. Many residents have created chalets and bed and breakfast facilities to accommodate skiers.

There are a few ski centres in and around Białka: Kotelnica Białczańska, Kaniówka, Bania, Jurgów Ski, Koziniec, Grapa Litwinka, Czorsztyn-ski, U Kuruca, with numerous ski lifts of all sorts. Most of the ski lifts can be used within a common ski pass system, Tatra Ski.

In 2009, and again in 2012, Kotelnica Białczańska was voted the best ski resort in Poland, according to (the most popular polish web portal).

Białka Tatrzańska ski

Long, rather gentle, well-prepared slopes are ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. If the main purpose of your visit to the southern Poland is learning to ski Bialka Tatrzanska will be a best choice. However, if after a day spend on the slopes you like to do some walking around the city full of restaurants and bars, you can visit nearby located Zakopane.

Since June 16, 2011 tourists can also enjoy Terma Białka hot springs, with the water surface of 1,382.67 square metres. The water, obtained from 2,500 metres, is about 80 degrees Celsius. The roof is completely covered with natural plants.


In Bialka Tatrzanska you will find many private guest houses and pensions, a few cottages for rent, some small aparthouses and two luxury hotels. In the winter season accommodations are selling fast so try to make reservations in advance. We recomend you to check and book via most popular booking website

Getting to Białka Tatrzańska

Flight to Kraków

Krakow Airport - Krakow Centre is served by two regular bus lines: 208 and 292 and one night line: 902. The expected journey time is 40 minutes. Current departures of the city buses are presented on the screen located near information desk in the main hall. Tickets can be purchased from:
- RELAY newsagent located in terminal T1 and T2,
- the ticket machine at the bus stop (payment in cash or with credit/debit card),
- the authorized ticket machines found on 292 line buses (payment in cash ? coins only),
- the bus driver, in case of lack or failure of ticket machine (single tickets only, payment in cash - the exact amount of money).
Note: The ticket must be validated when getting on the bus.

Flight to Katowice Airport (Pyrzowice Airport)

Express bus connection of Kraków with the Katowice Airport. A comfortable buses will take you directly to the Kraków Centre. The buses does not stop at intermediate stops, so the journey is shorter.
- Matuszek Transport Shuttle Bus Service (44 zł): more information and booking
- P-Air Bus Services (WIZZ AIR official carrier): more information and booking

The best way to get from Kraków Centre to Białka Tatrzańska is by coach or a rented car. The journey takes almost 2 hours (99 km). So-called private coaches leave from outside the main train and bus station (Kraków Główny).



Useful Information


Snow practically guaranteed from January till end of March. Expect snow blizzards, and temperatures dropping to -28 Celsius at night.

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Not recommended in winter except along well travelled trials. If you don't speak Polish you might miss daily avalanche alerts information, so I would advise you to leave the hiking till the summer...


If you don't manage to buy your skiing gear, water resistant boots, etc., before your holiday, don't panic, you can get all this in numerous sports shops. However, don't expect a bargain, as prices are more or less the same as in Britain.

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