Weather Forecast and Snow Conditions in Poland

Weather or not your stay in polish mountains will be a success depends largely upon weather conditions. The old gorals (i.e. mountaineers) say that the Winter is here for 10 months and the rest is the Summer. However, it may not be as optimistic as they say.

The climat in Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains is determined by their geographic posision in the Central Europe (where dominate west winds carring masses of cold air) and by the area relief.

Because of the latter, if you hike in the Tatra Mountains, you may experience all four seasons in one day from Summer to Winter.


Average High/Low Temperature for Zakopane City
Average Rainfall for Zakopane City


Current weather in Zakopane City

Current weather in Zieleniec

Current weather in Białka Tatrzańska

Current Weather in Szklarska Poręba

Current weather in Szczyrk

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