Skiing in Slovakia

Skiing in Slovakia

During a visit to Poland, it is worth going to a neighboring country Slovakia. The borders are open, so you do not even need a passport. Also there you can find friendly people and great ski areas. We invite you to find out more about skiing in Slovakia.

Slovakia’s mountainous terrain turns the country into a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts annually from December until April. Less well known than the Alps, but with views that would give Innsbruck fierce competition, the Tatra mountain range attracts all of levels of skiers to its many resorts. Slovakia’s best ski resorts are still waiting to receive the attention that they deserve, so now is the best time to go. Once skiers find out about the quality of the runs and the reasonable lift ticket prices (about 1/4 of what you will pay in Austria), more and more ski tourists will start heading east.

In Slovakia (Slovensko), you can look forward to 472 kilometres of slopes: the ski resorts are served by 528 ski lifts.

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Thinks to do in Zakopane during the Christmas and New Year's Eve

Christmas in Zakopane

"Tis the season to be jolly?!"-

Christmas is one of the most attractive seasons in Zakopane. Lights are blinking on buildings and all the main streets. In the center of Krupówki ? Zakopane’s main promenade ? a great, tall Christmas Tree is the main attraction. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day there aren’t many tourists in town. The inhabitants of Zakopane greet each other with warm Polish cheer, saying Wesołych Świąt (Merry Christmas) instead of Dzień Dobry (Good Morning) or Cześć (Hello) [see more useful polish phrases].

Christmas Eve supper ? “Wigilia” ? is the most important meal of the year. In Poland, as well in Zakopane, people stay mostly at home with heir families but there are a few restaurants open where tourists can order special Christmas Eve meal. At the restaurant "Dwór Ślebody" before the Christmas Dinner is served all the guests are invite to decorate the Christmas Tree.

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Useful Polish phrases

Unlike English, Polish is pronounced phonetically. Once you understand where to break the word, and that the second-to-last syllable is always stressed, you'll do okay by keeping the following in mind. One note: if the word looks nothing like it sounds, put it down to some uniquely Polish characters not included here. The Polish alphabet does have its own surprises. If confused, just look it up in a good dictionary.

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My Third Holiday in Poland - Zakopane


One Tourist's Story

What a great but strange country, Poland. The first time I went to Poland I spent a week in the summer hiking in the Tatras mountains near Zakopane. I never knew mountains were so big or so steep, I came back with aching muscles sore knees a suntan and 3 kgs lighter. The second time I did the touristy thing and went around Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz (pronounced woodge).

Now my third time I thought I should write about it as once again I have come back with aching muscles, sore knees but only about 1kg lighter this time. A group of us spent New Years in Zakopane, tired of the disappointing London New Years Eve celebrations, where I always seemed to expect a huge party and it never seemed to quite materialise, so we decided to try Poland.

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