Why is it worth visiting Kraków (Cracow) - the historic and royal Polish city.

KrakówKraków (Krakow or Cracow call it what you will!) is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. It lies in the southern part of Poland, situated on the Vistula River (Polish name: Wisła), in a valley at the foot of the Carpatian Mountains, 219 m (719 ft) above sea level, half way between the Jurassic Rock Upland (Polish: Jura Krakowsko - Częstochowska) to the north and the Tatra Mountains (with Zakopane, the winter capital of Poland, Mekka for all the skiers!) 100 km (143 mi) to the south. The city dates back to the 7th century. It was the capital of Poland from 1038 to 1569.

Kraków is Poland`s prime tourist attraction - it is a major attraction for both local and international tourist. Over seven milion tourists visit Kraków each year!

The city boats hundreds of historical buildings, there are 36 museums, and some best theatres. Kraków has Poland top writers, painters, and musicians. Wawel Kraków is a „cultural capital” of Poland, and it was named the official European Capital of Culture for the year 2000 by European Union. It is home of one of the worlds oldest universities. Kraków Old Town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.  Unique atmosphere of this city guarantees unforgettable impress. It's beautiful architecture brings attention of tourists all over the world. The cultural events happening here are an enrichment to city`s main advantages.

Today Kraków is a city of young people ? more than 60% of its population is under 45! There is a thriving night life in Kraków ? the number of cultural and artistic events rises each year (over 40 festivals take place in Kraków annualy!). The city will also host the World Youth Day in 2016.

Kraków lies near Zakopane, a winter capital of Poland, Mecca for all skiers. So if you would like to spend your time in more active way you should visit Zakopane or Białka Tatrzańska. It is less than two hours drive (109 km) from Kraków. Of course you can ski in other smaller resorts near Krakow, as there are plenty of them.

It is worth seeing and visiting Kraków - you can be sure that in this city a grea number of attractions await you:

  • explore the City Center of Kraków - Sukiennice, Planty Park and old military fortifications
  • get the feel for Polish royalty - Wawel Royal Castle and Wawel Cathedral are priorities while visiting Kraków)
  • sightsee the Old Market Square. The Main Square which is, of course, the main market square of the Old Town is also the largest medieval town square in Europe - it’s roughly 40,000 m!
  • rest  at the Main Square, where you can listen to the famous St. Mary's Church bugle - call and feed the pigeons
  • visit St. Mary’s Basilica - (Bazylika Mariacka) one of the most famous Polish churches
  • witness Schindler’s List - visit a museum housed in the former building of Oscar Schindler’s factory
  • hear tales of a dangerous dragon at Wawel Castle
  • visit the Barbican, the most northerly part of city fortification in Kraków
  • expierence art in Bunkier Sztuki. If you are tired of traditional museums, Bunkier Sztuki - a gallery of contemporary art - is a perfect place for you
  • explore the Underground Museum, take a journey to the past. It is an archeological exhibition with interactive displays guiding you through the visit, where you may discover life in the medieval Kraków
  • see City from the boat - try a cruise across the Vistula River
  • climb on Cracus’s Mound - a small hill located in the Podgórze district of Kraków
  • sightsee Kazimierz District - considered by many as the main centre of cultural life
  • see the panorama of City from Tadeusz Kosciuszko’s Mound
  • have fun and rest in the Cracow’s Aquapark- the biggest indoor water park in Poland
  • rest in Planty Park - Kraków city park (lots of green!) surrounding the Old Town
  • go and do some ski activities near Kraków (read more about skiing in Zakopane or Białka Tatrzańska)

Kraków is waiting for you!

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Getting from te nearest Airports to the City Centre:

Flight to Kraków Airport

Krakow Airport - Krakow Centre (Krakow Glowny) is served by two regular bus lines: 208 and 292 and one night line: 902. The expected journey time is 40 minutes. Current departures of the city buses are presented on the screen located near information desk in the main hall. Tickets can be purchased from:
- RELAY newsagent located in terminal T1 and T2,
- the ticket machine at the bus stop (payment in cash or with credit/debit card),
- the authorized ticket machines found on 292 line buses (payment in cash ? coins only),
- the bus driver, in case of lack or failure of ticket machine (single tickets only, payment in cash - the exact amount of money).
Note: The ticket must be validated when getting on the bus.

Flight to Katowice Airport (Pyrzowice Airport)

Express bus connection of Kraków with the Katowice Airport. A comfortable buses will take you directly to your place of destination. The buses does not stop at intermediate stops, so the journey is shorter.
- Matuszek Transport Shuttle Bus Service (44 zł): more information and booking
- P-Air PyrzowiceEkspres.pl Bus Services (WIZZ AIR official carrier): more information and booking